Personal Injury Outsourcing Services

GSB LPO Services is a leading Personal Injury Outsourcing service provider in India that proffers cent per-cent support to law firms and attorneys. Legal organizations and counselors, with increasing imminent cases stacked on their table, find it difficult to go through every convoluted detail on a given injury claim. That is when we, as a reliable LPO, help them to stay afloat in this competitive market by rendering our timely and speedy services.

Our Personal Injury Outsourcing Services guarantees a comprehensive backbone to your case so that you can focus on the greater challenges hoisted by the issue. We succour attorneys and firms in filing and defending personal injury cases.

What Includes in Our Personal Injury Outsourcing Services?

  1. Demand Letter
  2. Petition along with discovery
  3. Medical summarization
  4. Deposition Summarization
  5. Setting up new cases in software like Needles
  6. Prepare initial document of new cases ( as per intake sheet)
  7. Obtain criminal history on parties
  8. Other driving records of parties
  9. Bates number documents
  10. Draft production log
  11. Draft memoranda setting out information necessary to complete case entries
  12. Order medical records
  13. Save fax confirmation for all documents sent out
  14. Produce medical records to defense attorneys
  15. Obtain information from internet cases
  16. Generate and Fax reduction letters
  17. Generate and Fax out deposition letters
  18. Generate initial letter when defendants answer received
  19. General motions for trial setting
  20. Enter all required information in software like Needles
  21. Draft and Fax out medical providers seeking status of outstanding medical record request
  22. Preparing letter of representation
  23. Preparing letter of protection